how to take care of leather

Care and maintenance of leather furniture
Leather furniture in a normal domestic environment requires little maintenance although obviously leather in lighter shades will need more attention. Regular care of leather does ensure its lasting quality and some general rules for regular cleaning and maintenance are as follows: •Clean the leather with a soft damp cloth taking care not to soak the leather

•For more thorough treatment the leather should be cleaned using a light soapy solution applied to the surface of the leather in circular motions until the dirty parts are clean. Repeat this process using clean water only

•After this treatment an approved leather conditioner can be used at intervals of about 3 – 6 months

•Do not use saddle soap, wax polishes or spray polishes

•Do not use any product or any method of cleaning not recommended by the manufacturer

•Do not let belts, buckles, studs and zips come into direct contact with the furniture

•Avoid drying out the leather by taking extra care where there is heating or an open fireplace

Different types of leather will have received different finishes so it is important that the customer always knows which hide has been used
Modern leather has a soft, glove-like feel and will maintain its suppleness. During the first few weeks of use, wrinkles and creases will form naturally. these are normal. They have been designed into the furniture to give a soft inviting look which is an inherent quality of leather upholstery.
These cleaning instructions do NOT apply to suede, nubuck and any other unprotected leathers.

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