Chesterfield in two-toned (antique) leather

We all know that the manufacturers of the high quality jeans use chemicals to make certain parts of the jeans lighter in order to give them an “aged effect” but not many of us know this fashion started with classy leather furniture such as Chesterfield sofas
since this type of furniture are symbols of originality and have a history and tradition behind them therefore giving them an aged effect (or antique effect) would add to their charm and originality.

For manufacturing the Chesterfield sofas finished with age (antique) effect an special type of leather is used, known as antique or rub-off leather, which is covered by an extra coat of colour on the leather and after the sofa was upholstered in this type of leather in order to create the antique effect, certain areas of the sofa which usually comes into contact with the body during the use, such as the middle of the cushions and the raised areas of the back and top of the arms-rests, the extra coat of colour is gently removed by hand and use of a cloth soaked in special solvent to make these areas lighter and shinier in contrast with other parts of the sofa such as button holes and corners of sitting area which remain darker in order to add an air of age and originality to the sofa and this type of colouring is known as antique or two toned finish.

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