Our Bespoke Chesterfield Sofas

The early leather Chesterfield sofa had a rather rigid and uniform design with low back, same level arms and low seat but during years and decades the design and form of Chesterfield sofa evolved and diversified and sofas with wider arms or higher backs or with sloped arms or with legs appeared under the name of Chesterfield with some resemblances to the original design. Also the early Chesterfield sofas were made in very few distinct colours such as two toned brown, red or green but with progress in dying techniques leather Chesterfield sofas entered the market in large verity of leather colours and leather finishes and later on in various types of fabrics such as velvet and faux leather.

As a bespoke furniture manufacturer we offer all these possibilities in designs and colours to our customers and do our best to make sure the end product would be the pride and joy of our customers and suit their individual requirements.

All our Chesterfield sofas are made to order according to the individual taste and decisions made by customer. If you want the sofa wider, deeper, taller we are happy to follow suit. In addition all other details such as type and colour of leather, colour of the wooden parts, type of bun-feet or form of legs, choice of the fillings, colour of studs and so on is determined by yourselves.

If you had the possibility we recommend that you pay a visit to our show-room situated in our factory so we can discuss your requirements in details and show you different models which would be helpful for coming to a decision. In addition you would have access to a large collection of leathers and also fabrics in our show-room.

The choice of the leather for Chesterfield sofa is an important step so when you contact us please make sure you give the accurate description of the colours of your choice and also the type of leather (such as two toned, smooth, shiny, distressed, old looking etc.) so we can send you the right samples for your verification. We always try to send the large samples and as many samples as we can in order to give you a wider collection to choose from.

Apart from the leather quality which you would verify and approve by yourselves before you place an order it would be useful to mention that all our Chesterfield sofas are made with solid Beech Harwood frames (doweled and screwed), full hide upholstered with no splits, fire retardant foams, hand stuffed cushions, webbed base, individually hand studded and all furniture hand crafted by our craftsmen with lifetime experience in traditional and classic furniture.

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